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Attentions on open-case inspection of the diesel generator set




All the diesel generator sets shall undergo open-case inspection when arriving at the place of delivery as designated by the client. The open-case inspection can by no means be belittled, because there are a lot more details that need our attention. 


First clean the dust and dirt on the case before opening the case, and then check if the exterior of the generator set is damaged. Verify the case number and quantity and it is of particular importance to find out if there is any damage on the device during shipping.     

Be sure not to damage the device parts when opening the case. The case opening shall be conducted in the following sequence. Open the top plate first and find out if it is the right device. Take apart other box boards. If it is hard to take apart the top plate, disassemble several box boards at proper places and observe carefully before opening the case. Finish the following process after opening the case.  


Check all the generator sets and accessories as per the detailed list and packing list.
Check if the main dimensions of the generator sets and accessories comply with the drawings. 
Check if there is any damage and rust on the generator sets and accessories.
 Properly keep the generator sets and place them flat after opening the case. The flange and various connectors shall be capped and bound up so as to prevent them from rain, dust and sand. 
 If the generator set cannot be installed promptly after inspection, re-apply rust preventing oil onto the accurately machined surface of the disassembled device parts and keep them properly. Do not rotate or slide the transmission and sliding parts of the device before removing the rust preventing oil. If the rust preventing oil is being removed due to inspection, it shall be re-applied onto the necessary parts upon inspection.